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How to create a wonderful place to live in

I'm in the process of buying a lovely three bedroomed Victorian house in the St Luke's area of Maidstone that I've nicknamed Project Alice.

The house has been rented out for a long time, and is more than a bit tired. My first priority will to freshen up the interior and make sure that everything works.

My second priority, and where I will be spending most of the budget, will be to transform the garden to turn it into a lovely outdoor space where people will want to spend time. It's south-facing and at the moment is full of weeds and isn't somewhere I'd want to spend time.

I'd love to transform the garden into something that renters will love. I'm planning on putting in a patio, replacing the weeds with turf, and putting in a small low maintenance bed at the end.

What do you think about my plans? What do you look for in a rental property?

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